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Join us now and build your own company mall. Start creating your self service supplier assortment and close assortment gaps or roll out to other countries. Find suppliers matching to your demand and give it to our onboarding process.

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What happens after I register with Meplato?

Once registered your organization will have an assigned, dedicated support person to assist in all manners. You’ll speak to the same person every time you need help. Someone familiar with your unique business requirements, content  & country demand will be guiding you on an ongoing basis to help you expanding your content coverage and consolidating suppliers to save process costs.

How does Meplato benefit me?

What is a closed marketplace?

In our closed Catalog Cloud environment, project- and client-specific prices of the suppliers product range are not publicly visible. Meplato acts as a relationship manager between buyer and supplier. Before a business relationship between you and the supplier is established, a mutual “handshake” is always requested. This means you have 100% control over what content from which supplier ist integrated and how in terms of business modell and buying channel.

What does it cost?

Transparency is everything!

We have a completely transparent business model. We charge a 5% transaction fee. Transaction fee, logistics costs and taxes are included in the final price, visible in your procurement system – no added costs in your shopping cart.

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